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Missions & Visions

Monday, 25.12.2017, 10:02 AM - Views:1392

It is Antour’s targets and mangement regulations that encourage us to overcome our own view. By putting customers as priority, our main target is to create real value to our customers. We intend to implement our target through improving our service’s quality and constantly diversifying our services and products with attractive prices, over company’s limitation inorder to succeed.

+ To become the 1st agency in travel in Vietnam.

+ Expand to new market such as England, US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Korea, Japan, become an international corporation.

+ To be a cultural mediator between different cultures through tours and travel, to bring customers various and special cultures.

+ Remain the top in human resources with the aim to provide our customer with best-quality services.

+ Enhance continous efforts and permannent commitments in reservation of tourism resources and environment in Vietnam as part and all over the world as general.

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